So I am approaching WonderCon in March, and have not put a great deal of work into any of my detailed cosplay ideas.  So Femme War Doctor (Doctor Who 50th anniversary episode) is delayed another year.  Zahara from Critical Role may be retired as an idea.  But I still have to have something to wear for the three days of WonderCon goodness in 2018!

The TARDIS dress went over so very well, I think I want to do it again!  It’s so simple, and with my Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey Stuff necklace it’s perfect.  It’s simple, which makes it great for the day I drive in to the con early on Friday.

BB-8 Disneybounding has already been done, so unless I want to debut the Halloween idea I am doing with a group of friends a bit early, which requires some decisions on execution, I don’t have a good bounding outfit at present.  If I do the early debut/test run, I need to assemble the pieces for 1920’s Leia ASAP – I already own the dress but the details need to be worked out.  Especially the hair.  So this is probably a no-go, and I haven’t put Maleficent Dapper bounding together yet.

I had a good Mara Jade when I was still a redhead, but I never managed the saber acquisition (Ultra Sabers tempts me…) and had a loaner.  So this requires finding out if the pieces still fit, acquiring a saber, finding/acquiring goggles, and a red wig since I am no longer a redhead.  Downside, Mara has been done so well over the years by other cosplayers that I won’t be that great in comparison.  But I love Mara so much.

This leaves a third day, if I make Mara work Saturday, that I need to be able to do on Sunday, which is also compatible with check out of the hotel and put stuff in the car for the day plans.

Um… Wednesday Adams-ish?  Braid existing hair and wear Modcloth bone dress?

American McGee’s Alice?  Lots of pieces to put together but my hair works without a wig, as long as I let the dark cover the blue.

N7 Lazy outfit?  I have N7 dresses, but nothing canon to the game.  I now have an Omni Blade, too.  But the armor would be way too much to do.  And another wig if I really wanted to FemShep.

Still drifting for ideas…

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