As I’ve been spinning up some ideas for WonderCon and “lazy” cosplay that really isn’t lazy at all, a friend solidified the theme for her birthday party in February.

Science Fiction.

As usual our friends enjoy a costume party whenever possible, so that theme means I get to dress up!  And sci-fi is a broad category…

With my focus on WonderCon, I already have once full sci-fi based costume in the works, the revival of the Mara Jade costume.  Tricky part is that the first time I used this costume was the same friend’s birthday party in 2016 – the theme was book characters.  Being a redhead (and knowing I would be changing later in the year) I wanted to rock Mara for what I thought would be the first and last time. Lo and behold, even though she is Legends instead of canon Star Wars, I can’t let her go – so with a wig I’m going to give this one another go for the convention.  If I score the parts early, I can also use this for the party.

Alternatively, while it’s not a specific character (unless I want to undergo a much more detailed investment of time and money than originally planned) I have an N7 dress (okay, I have two) that references Mass Effect, while not being a costume-costume.  For N7 day last year I paired it with my N7 socks, always something I can do again… and now thanks to my sister I have an OmniBlade prop to seal the deal, as a casual sci-fi outfit.  Not a classic character costume, but definitely sci-fi.

So do I rush Mara, and also retread territory from years past?  Or go with the non-character based generic sci-fi goodness?


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