So if you’ve been in some sort of Game of Thrones fixated cave this weekend you may have missed that the next actor to play the 13th Doctor on Doctor Who has been announced:

That’s right – a female regeneration for lucky number 13!

Earlier this year I expressed some strong feelings on this subject ( and I will admit I still feel conflicted.

In part, there is joy because under Moffat the portrayal of women has been lacking until Bill.  Interesting that it took a woman who was sexually interested in women for Moffat to not be ham-handed at a female character.  In 13 we have a new show runner, Chibnall, so there is a great deal of potential for change, and this is a chance to redeem the Whovian portrayal of female characters, leading the charge with the Doctor herself!

On the other hand, my earlier thoughts stand – if this incarnation is not troubled by her subconscious copy-catting of her closest rival, or if this was not a conscious choice to act as a counter to Missy’s mayhem, I am going to be sorely disappointed.  There has to be an element of strife tied to this and Missy, or I will feel deeply unfulfilled.

If this had been under Moffat, I would be ready to flip a table, but Chibnall and a new regeneration give me hope, as I look into what could be a bright and beautiful future… or into a dark post-apocalyptic abyss of misogyny and poorly written “bras in the Tardis” tropes.

Only Time (And Dimension In Relative Space) will tell…

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