But fake sweet is frustratingly bad?  At least, to my tastes.

Right now my options are fruit (but be careful because some are way high in natural sugars and thus too high on the glycemic index) or trying to adapt to fake-sweet options.

Stevia is right out.  I know it’s natural.  I know it’s better.  It tastes, to me, like plastic fake-sweet death, with a bitter nasty after-taste to boot.  Most artificial sweeteners do.  But Stevia, non-artificial Stevia, is even worse than any of the actual fake sweets.

So morning coffee time, and obviously my default iced caramel latte is right out the window.  Great.  But most coffee shops, including the one at work, have sugar-free vanilla.  I love vanilla, how can this go wrong?!  Oh, that too-sweet fakeness in the front, with the bitter cringe in the back, that’s how.  I decided Starbucks, my first experiment, must just be in the wrong, so I gave the work coffee shop a sugar-free vanilla chance.  I drank it, because I ordered it, but just as bad.  Maybe worse.  Cringe after every sip, then shudder as you down the last of it to finally be done!  Not a great way to start the day.

Diet sodas, they have caffeine – but they also have that artificial sweetener suckage.  I haven’t ventured there yet, I’m leaving this as a last resort because I’m trying to keep soda and ice cream on my “no go” zones.

Splenda – NOT TERRIBLE.  Not good, for sure, but NOT TERRIBLE!  So for the rest of this week the plan is to get a plain latte, then add a single packet of Splenda, and deal with the slight ick factor.

Next week, we’re bringing in Agave syrup goodness.  It’s sweet, without being sugar.  It’s lower on the glycemic index than honey.  It doesn’t taste like plastic fakeness to me.


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