So to control my diabetes I’ve been pretty strictly regulated on what I can and cannot eat.  Contrary to my doctor’s orders I have been testing my blood 4-6 times per day (he only wants me to test before breakfast and before dinner) so I can uncover the impact of different food choices.  There have been mistakes (turns out levain bread is not just a fancy name for sourdough as the internet told me, so it doesn’t have the low glycemic index) and lessons (bananas are a fruit, but not a good choice), but no real deliberate “aw, fuck it” choices.

Until this weekend.  Saturday morning I did my 6 week blood work, including cholesterol, liver function, thyroid, and the dreaded hemoglobin.  This was the point my doctor expected me to have waved a magic wand and be diabetes free – even though I was traveling for work, not supposed to check the effects of food, and can’t take the Diabetes Class until August.  Needless to say, I have some issues with this doctor who is not great at communication or addressing my concerns, and I will be changing primary doctors now that I have my bloodwork in.

Due to the liver function test, I’d taken the precaution of no alcohol for two weeks before hand.  My diet had been pretty good for the time before the hemoglobin tests.  I was so strict with myself, and doing so good, so this weekend called for a little bit of a party!

Saturday afternoon I got to my hair appointment late, so no time for lunch at all.  A sugar free protein bar was all I had to keep me going.  That night, however, was a party with friends called “Meat-o-Rama” and we grilled giant tomahawk steaks, everyone brought toppings and some sides and we ate ourselves silly!  Before dinner the only snacks out were chips and fruit – specifically mangoes, pineapple, and strawberries… the first two being high glycemic index fruits.  So I took my pre-dinner blood sugar and decided that while I would still be in relative check there would be no after-dinner blood measurement so I wouldn’t stress myself out.  A little high sugar fruit, a single tortilla chip, and a little bit of steak topping that wasn’t great, but mostly meat and asparagus (with grabiche on the asparagus – an egg salad thing – and blue cheese or onions on the steak) so I wasn’t bad, I just also wasn’t stressing a number on my meter.

But Sunday, oh, Sunday.  We went for Moroccan food with our Weird Foods Group – who are currently going through a list of all the countries of the world alphabetically.  Plenty of diabetic-safe options in Moroccan food… and a few that kind of aren’t.  To start with, I forgot the mint tea was sweet, but it’s so good and so rare for me to have, so I got iced tea which I will sip slower than the hot tea and make it last longer, plus as the ice melts it gets more watered down and less concentrated sweetener.  Skipped the bread entirely, victory.  But a couple courses in there was phyllo wrapped ground chicken, topped with powdered sugar and cinnamon.  One of my FAVORITES at this place… so two bites and the rest of my round was handed over to my husband.  I had to have just a little!  I did avoid the couscous, but then came desert, the delicious little honey-soaked pastries… just one tiny bite and handed the rest off.  However I did have a second iced tea and one glass of sweet hot tea.  So again, no after dinner measurements.

Even when I “party” and let loose I’m still keeping things in check and making good choices, as hard as that is, but sometimes you really do just need to snack outside the lines a bit.  And as long as I don’t check my blood sugar after, the world may never know how bad it was.

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