Not “Kicking the Bucket” to be sure, but last year’s health scare, combined with loss of an acquaintance to suicide, and the anniversary of a friend’s untimely death six years ago due to an inattentive driver, has me motivated to start to do the things on my “Bucket List.”

But then I  realized, I haven’t written much of it down.  So let me start here, brainstorming some of the items…

French Laundry dinner (set for October of this year)

Seeing the Aurora Borealis with my own eyes

Visit Italy

Visit Ireland

Visit DisneyWorld

GM for a tabletop game (one shots count)

Own two cats at once (always lived in a one-cat household)

Be able to visit a bee hive (non-observation hive) in a bee keepers suit (this requires overcoming a phobia)

Own a home




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