I’d already counted on a lazy Saturday, but had plans to game on Sunday.

Saturday night our GameMaster had to cancel Sunday’s gathering.  A half-hearted attempt to find something to do (John Wick 2, mini golf, etc) was conducted, but ultimately, I lazed.

And it was lovely!

Washed my hair.  Used my nail wraps that I bought at WonderCon to do my nails in a fun parchment color with text from ‘Call of Cthulhu” on them.  Watched Friday’s episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race – and was satisfied with the elimination.  Watched a lot of Critical Role (finished episode 69, watched all of 70, and started in on 71).  I didn’t play Andromeda, though I thought about it.  We went out to dinner.  I cleared some booking issues up with the B&B we’re staying at in October.

So much, and yet so little.  This is the kind of self-care I needed.

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