Comic Con and WonderCon have gotten very hard to explain.

They are not really about just comics anymore, but “geek culture” seems so broad and hand-wavey of an explanation. Like, it’s a little cross section on anime, comics, pop culture, geeky pursuits, books, TV, film, and on and on. I attended panels on Disney, nerdy voice actors that play D&D, LGBT culture, Carrie Fisher and Kenny Baker tributes, and that’s just the ones I made it to! How does one put that into a description without being too vague?

This becomes especially true when random tourists want to know why everyone is dressed so weird, so the clarification has to be brief and easily digestible in passing.  I was able to do it, but it made me realize how vague I was required to be in delivery.  I think I erred on the side of hand-wavey.

Also I apparently hit the right blend of “weird enough to be part of the everyone dressed so weird, but not so very weird as to be unapproachable” – I consider this a success! (I was not really Cosplaying or Disneybounding, but I did have on dark purple lipstick and one of my black and white stripped dresses acquired with Beetlejuice Femme in mind)

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