So last year I put together a clever DisneyBounding outfit – BB-8!


Yes, I was the droid he was looking for!

So I revived the outfit this weekend for WonderCon (oh yeah, I’ve been radio silent because work was crazy and then I was away at a con for the weekend – hee hee!) and wore it Friday to the DisneyBounding panel, which was totally fun.  Since I’d put a lot of work into getting all the pieces, I was pretty proud of this outfit and felt great when people commented or appreciated it.

Out on the floor some people “got it”, one woman even noticed the detail that everyone else misses – the chopsticks in my bun were set to be different heights to replicate BB-8’s antennas.  A couple requests for pictures, it was cool.  I felt good.

Then Saturday I work my Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey Stuff necklace with a Hot Topic Tardis dress:

Tardis Dress

WHOA!  I was stopped regularly for compliments and pictures!  It was seriously a noticeable difference, my outfit, simple as I thought it was, was an absolute hit.  I felt good, but also a little sad that the “lazy” one got so much more than the high effort Friday wear.

That said, I think next convention I want to work up some high-effort and high-notice cosplay, to combine the best of both these worlds.  Just no idea what has the recognizable impact, realistic for me to accomplish outcome, and is compatible with my fandoms, interests, and body.

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