WonderCon is this weekend!

I have to decide what to wear!


Friday there is a panel I want to attend about Disneybounding, so it kind of means I have to try to do the BB8 dress.  I hope I can find the accessories and make up while I’m packing tomorrow.  But panel is 10 am.  I have to be dressed, make upped, and in Anaheim by 10 am.  Can’t check into hotel until afternoon.  Tricky.

Saturday is a busy day, so I’m going to go easy with the Tardis dress and Wibbly Wobbly necklace.  Main event is harassing friends at the Talks Machina panel, and I have no directly relevant clothes.  So Tardis!

Sunday I’d LOVE to do Femme Beetlejuice.  But makeup takes an hour, at least.  I have to be out of the hotel by check out (11 or 12).  It’d be an appropriate day for anything Star Wars (Carrie Fisher tribute day), too, but I don’t want to do BB8 twice, and I don’t have anything else.  Fie.

I think Cosplay-light is the name of the game for this weekend.

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