So in all my musings about “IRL class” choices… I forgot the one that fits me best…


I play with words, weaving magic with them whenever possible.

Entertaining is something I delight in, it’s important to me that the people around me have a good time.

While a Sorceress would have a familiar, I don’t think Pixie gives me any distinct advantages (save for the sanity that having a cat brings me).

There’s something about me that loves and hates being the center of attention, but I think I like it more than I bristle at it.

And there’s even a 3.5/Pathfinder feat called “Bardic Knowledge” that addresses the diversity of tidbits that they acquire over time, much as I have a host of trivia floating in my brain space.

So while I can’t carry a tune unless you give me a bucket to keep it in… I think I’m a Bard!

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