When I played Gauntlet: Dark Legacy back in the day, I was always, without fail, the Blue Valkyrie.

To this day, I will utter “Blue Valkyrie needs food badly.”  It was especially pertinent when I worked for a company that was known as “Big Blue”, Blizzard Entertainment.  Even though I have moved on from Blizzard, I am still fond of blue above other colors, so I remain Blue Valkyrie… especially when I’m very hungry or feeling sick (“Blue Valkyrie is about to die”).

But really, when I look at fantasy gaming classes, I know I am no Valkyrie.  So what am I?

I have some limited skill with a bow from my childhood archery lessons, but I am not an Archer or a Ranger, and definitely not a fighter.  My weapons are words and weirdness, so clearly I’m a caster of some sort.  On the one hand, when something comes up I like to do my homework – whether it be prep for getting a tattoo or a new medical issue – and I am intently anxious to Google it all.  On the other hand, I am also a kind of “go with the flow” kind of person.  A certain amount of planning and research is okay, but sometimes you just need to adapt and take the hits as they come.  I’m not the kind to fix myself to a daily routine, so I’m not sure I could prep the way a Wizard does.  I’m not of strong faith, so I’m no divine caster, no Cleric or Paladin.

So I guess that makes me a Sorcerer?  A spontaneous caster, not as strong or focused as those who went through the formal schooling (after all I didn’t go to a 4 year university and my career has felt some impact from that), but still someone that believes in the magic of the world.  Willing to use trial and error to find their best bet in a tough situation.  Charisma based, best off with a team to support but still a strong solo contributor at need.

Yeah, I think I’ll take that.  Blue Sorceress, has a nice ring to it, eh?

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