It’s interesting, I relatively think of this writing as practice for myself.  I’m generally shouting into the void.  As a result, I don’t have to worry much about my potential readership, because honestly only a few people may be reading it with any regularity.

Except for the minor factor that I know of a few people that do check in from time to time.  More than anyone, I believe my most consistent readership member is my mother.  That’s right… as cliche as it is… at least my Mom reads my blog.

This makes for an interesting contemplation.  Many of the things I would post about in the Wayback Machine format can be very personal, and involve my parents in one form or another, sometimes directly and sometimes just their lasting impact.  But it is always, always, through my filter and may not be the same as the way they remember the events.  May not paint them in the most favorable light.  I can paint myself as unfavorably as I like, but to do so to an active reader seems… it seems crass.  I appreciate the eyes, the reliable views, and I have no direct desire to alienate.

But I also don’t want to stifle myself.  If there is a story to tell, I should practice telling it.  Not everyone will be a fan of everything I write.  That’s the truth about being a writer and a human, you will never please everyone all of the time.  And truly quality writing has the power to ignite!  That can be positive, that can be negative, depending on the reader and the writing.

How much do I write for me?  How much do I write for my readers?  How much do I write for a single reader?

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