So Saturday was a very quiet and slow day at Nottingham Festival.  Sunday picked up quite a bit.

At one point I had a trio of girls, two who were totally ready to get their hair braided, and one who was super reluctant.  She wanted to see the fortune teller, despite promises to do so after the braid.  So her sisters get their lovely locks made into beautiful braids, and just as they’re wrapping up she’s back.  Still, as much as her mom and aunt try to convince her, she remains reluctant.

Then the Queen arrives!  Since they’re a booth away I try to teach the little one how to properly reverence (a type of curtsy) while still trying to decide which braid she might want.  And then one of the ladies from the yeoman’s group comes over to teach better than I am doing – and the Queen herself sweeps up to talk to the little one.  Including asking what braid she was getting, from which SHE got a confident answer of a coronet.

So sure enough, I have a coronet ready to go get started – so basically Queen Elizabeth totally sells my braid for me.  And then we have one very happy little girl.

Hooray, small faires!

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