Feeling a little burnt around the edges, like I’ve burned the candle at both ends for too long.  I’m a crispy critter.

Alright, so enough cliches.

I have Nottingham Festival (http://www.nottinghamfestival.com/) coming up this weekend.  I love Faire, and I will get to see my people which is recharging in it’s own right, but during the run of Southern Faire (The Renaissance Pleasure Faire) I realized I’m done for a bit.  That was part of why I let myself dye my hair, so it could enforce me taking some time off.

But I do love small Faires, there’s something close knit about them that got me to agree to do Nottingham.  I also don’t feel like I’m hurting business too much with my hair covered at Nottingham the way I do at Southern.  So I am committed to one last run.  They’re even accommodating a family request to have me free the evening of the 12th.

But in playing catch up from my vacation, gearing up to be coverage for the group taking vacation next, and running myself ragged over Halloween weekend… whoo boy this is going to take a bit out of me.  I still don’t have new garb (and my old garb is both a little small and a lot worn out), nor did I acquire a cloak as I planned last year.  I do have a hat my blue and green hair can hide in.  But in short, I don’t feel prepared at all!

For a planner, not feeling prepared is about as bad as I get.  I’m trying to relax and go with it… just like packing the day before my travels this year worked out.  Everything will be fine.  Breathe, you fool!

So if you happen to be up Simi Valley way this weekend or next, come see me, I’ll be at Braids for Maids as always!

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