I’m not usually very political.  I keep aware, more than the average person, primarily by listening to NPR.

But last night… whew.  Did not see that coming.

And it’s funny, I’m pretty sure Puppet-President Trump is not a threat.  He’s full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.  He will be used as a distraction when needed, and otherwise he will bluster around on the POTUS twitter and generally operate the pen to sign things when told to.

Oh no, Puppet-President Trump is not the threat, Shadow-President Pence, though…

This is a man who things conversion therapy is okay (shock the gay away!) and that smoking isn’t dangerous to anyone’s health.  He’s not loudly disrespectful in a way we can call him on it like Trump, he just knows how to get things done and seems all too happy to use Trump as a distraction while he does it.  He is the political animal who will interface with Congress, “guide” Trump in the ways of Washington, and generally rule from behind the scenes.  I wouldn’t be surprised if he sees this as a way to get 16 years of presidency.

And that, that terrifies me.

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