I’ve come down with a cold, probably from the large number of people I was exposed to last week.  Hooray.

I’m very fortunate, though, that I work at a place with unlimited sick time.  You think this would mean we’d be very good at avoiding the office when there is any chance of being contagious.  You would be SO wrong.

Apparently the idea of unlimited time off, combined with true work-a-holics, leads to less time taken off!  We have no real way to measure our time off, so we just don’t do it.  This year I have two small vacations planned and I feel ridiculously decadent.  Less than a week each, but still like I am wallowing in PTO.

So we always have “just one meeting” we have to make, or a deadline that can’t be missed.  I was actually thanked by my boss today for staying home and not bringing this plague into the office.  That staying home sick is something thank-worthy is mind-boggling!

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