Alright team, it’s been one month since I started this blog.

Although some of them are maintenance posts, and today’s post comes after the 30th so it’s actually on the next calendar week (but WordPress rolls their calendar over on Monday) I have successfully maintained a crazy work schedule, many personal life interruptions, and still hit the three posts a week goal!

If you recall from one of those maintenance posts, that means I have earned a WordPress upgrade including a domain name.  Soon we will go from to just – hooray!

Next month I set myself the same goal – all of August must achieve 3 posts per WordPress week (Mon-Sun) and if I can do it, I will order The Geek’s Meow business cards – whether I go with template cards from an online order site or get custom art designed will depend on how close I come to the wire.  If I am feeling like I am solidly posting, I get custom art.  If I make an extensive amount of maintenance posts or scrape by at the deadline, I get the cookie cutter cards.

Yes, I have realized I am allowing brain weasels a chance to sabotage me if I’m not feeling like a success at the end of the month.  Battling brain weasels is going to always be part of my struggle, so I’m trying out not giving them a concrete marker to latch onto for this one.

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