I am the ex girlfriend that stole your CDs.

Let me explain!

They were both accidents.  The first one, I honestly forgot I had No Doubt’s Tragic Kingdom still.  I think a little part of me had forgotten that it wasn’t mind all along, because of how much I listened to it.  If it ever gets mentioned, I will just buy him a replacement, we’re still friends after all.

The big one, the main one, the time when I stole an entire collection… I didn’t want it!  I didn’t exactly agree with his taste in CDs anyway!  There were a few good ones, but a lot of ones I would never listen to at all.  If I could have gotten clean closure I would surely have done so, and giving the CD folder back would have helped.  They were under the recliner that we rarely used in a messy living room.  My roommate discovered them when we were moving out, by which point bridges had been burned and contact was sporadic at best.  But I saved them for years, with some hope that someday I could unburden my conscience and give them back.

When we moved from Fullerton to Carson in 2012, I finally gave up.  The break up had occurred nearly a decade earlier, it was time to move on, there was no reason to try to return them (and really, no chance, nor do I think they were wanted anymore), so along with a great moving purge they went into the dumpster.

Guess who I’m going to probably see this weekend?


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