Such a tiny victory, and yet the one I want to write about!

See, I kept having events and obligations on Thursdays, and then Fridays weren’t as free as they used to be – my usual Critical Role days. I fell over three weeks behind!

On a TV show, catching up is easy, curl up on the couch for 45 minutes to an hour for each episode… but Critical Role episodes are generally 3-5 hours each, and tend to take a lot of attention to follow due to the lack of visual clues to what has happened. And CR has to be done at my computer, which is time I also need for other projects and pursuits (Anthem and Team Fight Tactics in LoL being the major distractions lately).

So even though the Critical Role Crew took a week off, last night I was still scrambling to finish that last episode before 7 PM, and I was almost there… when the internet started dropping over and over. ARGH!

I missed the intro, but I made it to the live episode, however Spectrum continued to refuse to cooperate (my internet provider) and while I did make it through the break, that’s when I gave up. Still, the ability to watch (most) of the first half live felt SO GOOD! A chance to sit up with my community, especially on the anniversary of a PC death, and share our thoughts and feels… just what I needed last night.

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