More stories from the Iron Dragon, a mercenary company in the Iron Kingdoms/Warmachine/Hordes setting…

Our current adventuring party have left the territory of the fanatic Protectorate of Menoth and taken a job from the Cygnaran Military. Goal is to investigate, incognito, four remote-ish locations in Cygnar for signs of life, signs of living (not undead) military activity, and signs of misappropriation of government funds. My character is my intimidatingly tall Khadoran (Russia-equivalent) gun-bunny, who is the reluctant leader in this as the only Lieutenant present, Ivonna Siriovna.

The second of these locations are a series of sea caves across the bay from the Ordic city of Five Fingers, known to be a wretched hive of scum and villainy – also the original home of my other character, Flynn Keller. Due to heroics undertaken while Ivonna was in the Protectorate, there is a sea wall in Five Fingers etched with the face of several company members, including Flynn. Luckily that was avoided during our team’s brief stay, because Ivonna does not think well of Flynn, who she refers to as “troublesome girl-boy” based on some interesting situation he got himself into. Ivonna would have been very confused, and probably mildly upset by that tribute.

So they make to to the sea caves in question, the team delving in to each cave they encounter, day after day, knowing this will take the better part of a month, at a best scenario. Some caves are empty, some have interesting finds. Some days, there’s no cave at all. Six days in we encounter a pair of nasty giant worm-creatures that spit burning steam, and after slaying them we explore the abandoned cave behind them, where a dead body has obviously lived to his end of days in scarcity. His dried out body lays in the room, and Ivonna is a very practical person so while the rest of the party examines the room, she uses the clue of the quill in his hand to find a letter on his person.

Of course, it is the last confession of Keegan Vasco, traitor to the crown of Ord, former marine, and betrayer of his best friend, Ian Gossyn. Of course I am, in my thick fake Russian accent, reading this outloud and trying not to choke. Because none of the characters in this room know what I, as a player, does – Ian Gossyn was the dead father my other character, Flynn Keller, sought to redeem the name of. A man murdered for being a traitor to the crown, who blamed his best friend Keegan of being the true traitor. The letter convicts both of them as less than upstanding and giving the undead country an edge over their own country, but also indicates a desire for redemption in the eyes of their god, Morrow – for both men.

And nobody in character in the room has any idea of this connection. So out of character I am laughing, gasping, and overwhelmed by the story hook we were just thrown. In character, we’re all making plans to give his personal effects to the church and just calling it a day. Oops!

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