No major spoilers, but I have to share some of my thoughts about the newest Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) movie Captain Marvel.

Veers, our protagonist, starts the movie in the same uniform as everyone else. It’s form fitting, but so is the uniform the men wear, and we see this is a practical choice when you are designing an aerodynamic space suit / super hero costume. The colors, the cut, across the board the women (even our hero) wear exactly what the men do, and it’s not sexualized at all.

Wait, since when does a woman in a super hero movie not have to wear a sexualized costume?

Oh, and no heels. That’s right, flat boots for running and kicking ass. Practical, useful boots.

And here’s where we get to a mild spoiler….

Look away…

You’ve been warned…

The one (and only) time she is objectified or hit on is when she’s told to smile by a random dude… so she just shuts the guy down, nice and neat, and moves on. (Well, then steals his motorcycle, to boot) That’s it. Over 2 hours of time spent with our Captain, and while she deals with a lot because of her gender, yet it’s not turning her into a sexual trope at any point.

She’s smart, crafty, clever, witty, and yes… physically attractive. But over all through the entire film… it’s not about her body. She gets to shatter the glass ceiling at mach two, and nary a boob-shot to be seen!

Be still my beating heart, Captain Marvel, Carol Danvers, is a utter bad ass woman, without the T&A comics have so come to embrace as needed to make female heroes appealing.

Thank you, Marvel.

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