As a member of the Rainbow Rioters, an LGBT+ organizing committee at work, this week is very important to us. Today is the International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia, and Biphobia – that last one is new this year and is especially meaningful to me.

It was the first Riot IDAHOTB picture in 2016 that brought the fact that we had an LGBT+ group at work to my attention (I missed the picture because I couldn’t find them, the group was smaller back then) – it was tweeted out and made a small but significant ripple. But it was the start of something awesome. Baby steps.

Then last year we had a rather notable 60-70 person turn out for our picture, and the tweet got a lot more coverage. The Rainbow Rioters and LGBT+ at Riot in general had seen an increase in visibility, activity, and passion. Another set of steps.

This year we spent more time getting prepared, with Riot investment in our success, and working with the company to do something special…

How’s this for special? An article about all the cool things we’re doing!

That’s right, we made the CUTEST icon, the Rainbow Fluft!

To be able to stand up and put an in-game way to stand against bullying and discrimination, to stand out loud and proud as who we are no matter where we go, it honestly brings a bit of a tear to my eye. As a woman who can “pass” it means I want even more to out there and be loudly who I am, to make sure the world knows that I am Bi and proud of who I have always been – will always be. Having a male partner does not make me less of who I am inside. Now I can do that in League as well as out in the real world.

Our IDAHOTB 2018 picture went out as a beautiful tweet today, with something approaching 200 Rioters (we keep losing count when we try to tally it) forming a wide rainbow of support! Check out the Tweet!

IDAHOTB 2018.jpeg

Big. Beautiful. Strides.

Forward, onward.

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