Lately my browser has been “forgetting” all my logins – I have to relog into everything, even my google accounts. With two-factor this is a long an tedious process through several different systems. This is frustrating, and I’ve gone through several sets of solutions that haven’t panned out, until I finally relented and switched to the beta of Chrome. So far, even through a computer restart, this seems to have worked.

Why is this relevant? Well, logging in to everything includes WordPress. In order to write here, I have to add yet another login to my list. After that long list of logins, I get here, log in… and am DONE.

As a result my entries have been a little bit slower, sparser. It takes that extra willingness to get over the hurdle and put pen to paper, so to speak. An idea may be bubbling when I boot up, but after I go through all the steps to get here, my word-oriented state has faded away. I’d rather just poke around and absorb other people’s content than generate my own.

Now that I’m solved, I’m hoping that excuse will also fade away. Now to find my next excuse. (Kidding!)

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