You can get something fast, quality, or cheap – pick two.

Okay, what I’m really referring to is listening to a live stream (Critical Role, in particular tonight), drinking wine, and writing. Pick two.

I was trying to write some RPG stuff as Critical Role spun up tonight, glass of wine to enjoy at my elbow after a month of sobriety. Every few words my train of thought would jump the track, starting to record the dialogue of the evening instead of my character’s thoughts. Or her word choices suddenly take on another character’s accent unexpectedly, the word pattern shifting away from the carefully selected ditziness. Alas.

So it appears I can drink and watch the stream happily, I have drunk and written in the past quite easily, and if my brain were not lightly buzzed I feel my concentration could separate the stream from my stream of thoughts. But all three together, not an option.

Since I’m already two glasses in, and I really enjoy watching the stream live, my writing has to be put aside for the evening.

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