So recently my favorite source for nailwraps ( or if you don’t mind me getting credit for your purchases and a discount on your first order) announced they are launching a new line of compacts… that look like the original old GameBoy cartridge.

That took me back for sure.  Growing up I did TV and movie background and atmosphere work, so Mom needed something that was portable and easy to keep us entertained on sets and the like.  When the GameBoy came out from Nintendo, that big grey brick seemed like a perfect solution!  What started as something to supplement the books I usually used as a distraction soon became a touchstone in our family.

GameBoys lay along the back of the couch, where the game cartridges were stored for the most common games we were switching out, charging as needed.  Mom built a platform for them, a tray for the games, and even little charging stations, because while it started with one little device soon it was a full family phenomenon.  Dad would lose hours to Tetris, Mom was a master of Dr. Mario, Andrew and I were always playing something new.  Whenever Dad would beat Tetris (again) he would pause it right before the end and hand it to one of us kids so we could feel the victory and admire the little animated scenes they reserved for those epic achievements that we were not going to see on our own.  GameBoy games became a default present in our house for holidays and birthdays.

And that big grey brick?  Andrew dropped it out of the van.  Or into the dishwater.  Once it was onto the edge of the sandbox.  Each time he destroyed another console, he had to use his own money to replace it and we got something a little sleeker, a bit newer, a minor upgrade.  Only recently have I come to realize that some of those “accidents” may have been an intentional choice to get that next upgrade.  Sneaky.

So I’ve been having some great nostalgia moments, all thanks to Nerd Makeup experts!  Really looking forward to these new cartridges of color.

Check it out at

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