Today is International Women’s Day, and so many people are trying for a “Day Without a Woman” strike and protests (

I honestly thought about participating – it would be easy.  My work has generous paid time off, I didn’t have any meetings today, I even had a dentist appointment in the morning so I was out for about an hour anyway.

Put then I realized I would be putting in a PTO request.  I would be adding my “time off” to the Out of Office calendar for tracking in case people were looking for me.  I’d be making up the work the day before and the next day.

The impact would be negligible at best… and I work for a company that is already quite aware over all of it’s female impact.  We actually have someone who’s role is “Diversity Chair” which means she is actively working to improve our company stance on diversity and the like.  There is an entire Diversity community of practice!

Some women at my work didn’t do so because they felt there are too few females to have a significant impact.  Others felt their work commitments had to come before the luxury of a “strike day”.  I feel like I’d be taking advantage of the luxuries I am offered that would allow me to “strike” with no consequences.

But I still feel strongly about the matter, so I wear my red t-shirt and make this post.  When we take our picture this afternoon to show our support I will make time in my day.  We all have ways of making our voices heard, this is my little drop in the bucket… let’s hope there are enough of us that it becomes a flood.

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