… I am not.

Which is odd.  For the longest time I was clearly and completely a morning person.  Years ago I’d wake up at 4 or 5 am and decided I was completely awake, so I’d go to work at the crack of dawn.  I look back at that time and wonder what was wrong with me?

I’m still no night owl – staying up to 11 pm or midnight is a bit of a special occasion.  I can now “sleep in” until 8 or 9 am.  But try to get me on the road before 7 am, and I spend the day half-zombie.

I’m no early bird anymore.  I’ll never be a night owl.  At this point I’m sort of chronically exhausted pigeon.

Cruelly trapped between worlds, and forced to get myself back into my early-bird sleep cycle (except weekends, where I’m expected to be a night owl), is leaving me feeling more than a little wrung out.

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