Brain Weasels – the gnawing self-doubt that you can’t control, often associated with depressive episodes.

Also known as Radio F.U.

Several of my friends have been suffering from them lately, and I’m not entirely free of their toothy embrace.  They attack worse in the quiet hours, when you’re trying to shush your thoughts, and through the static comes all the things you can make up to make yourself feel like scum.  The little fails, the assumed wrongs, and all the shades of ill you could possibly endure or make up.

Just because they start as a voice in your head, it doesn’t mean they don’t drain your energy, steal your sleep, leave you feeling queasy and sick of yourself.  It’s a mental illness with a strong physical impact.

I have bipolar disorder, as I’ve mentioned before, and I am all to familiar with them.  So if you’re feeling their insidious poison, remember that you’re not alone – those of us who have heard that little middle of the night (or afternoon) broadcast stand with you.  Ask for help, we’ll help hold up your shield.  Remember that you don’t need to fight this battle by yourself, no matter what the weasels say.

We are Team Anti-Weasel.  Radio Go You!  (As the Bloggess reminds us – Depression Lies.)

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