Everything these days seems like a remake or a sequel coming out of Hollywood.  Some of them are excellent – I enjoyed the new Ghostbusters, Star Wars is alive again and I’m in love again with the universe, and I’m looking forward to catching John Wick 2 in theaters!

So as I’m percolating on RPG characters, I remember the light back story and concept for a tabletop character I played many years ago, from a Vampire: The Masquerade game.  It was a Sabbat campaign, and for fun I threw a mortal with a little too much knowledge of vampires into the mix when I joined the group – it kicked off the Race to Embrace.  Several characters wanted to make her their vampire child, generating an interesting conflict in the world, even amongst the players of the game.  Of the Player Characters (PCs) the leaders in the race were a Brujah (a clan of bruisers, strong and direct) and a Malkavian (madness incarnate, wicked tricksters and a crazy cracked view of the world).  But then, from the shadows, came the independent NPC (Non-Player Character) Assamite (assassins, but with interesting shades of skills from stealth combat experts to wicked wizards and not to be underestimated the clever scholars) who circumvented the PCs and took my character under his wing.  The campaign ended before the character had developed dramatically, though.

So then I start to think again, where would that character have gone?  She was in her late teens when she was embraced as a vampire – how would Fahamisha have settled into her clan?  Would she have stayed with the Sabbat pack that she was keeping an eye on?  What skills would she have focused on, how to develop in a world outside of a clan that is generally held in high suspicion?

I think, if Hollywood is allowed to remake all their greatest hits (and misses) I also get to revisit the stories of my past and turn them into something stronger, sharper, more interesting.  It also gives me a chance not just to advance the character, but to go back to her origin story and shape the events that made her, deepening the character all around.

The advantage to this is that a friend may be starting a Vampire game soon, so if I get the approval (Assamite is not a commonly accepted player character and I wouldn’t want to fight for a disruptive figure if it won’t work with the Game Master’s plans) I think this is the perfect time to re-write history!  If not, there’s a lot of room for creativity in the world of Vampire.

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