Every year I stop by a grocery store on Valentine’s Day (or the Friday before, if it falls on a weekend) and get the silliest, weirdest, geekiest little-kid valentine cards I can find.  I try to avoid candy these days, because there are people I want to celebrate that are not able to eat sugar.

These have included (just a few):
3-D wild animals
Glitter kitty and puppy sticker puzzles
Winged kitty tattoos
Star Wars Stickers (this was last year – and someone tried to eat them)
Glow-in-the-dark celestial window clings (with “DO NOT EAT” on the back of the card – that was this year to prevent last year’s ingestion incident)

I give these out to my coworkers with glee, because essentially I am six years old and I feel strongly that Valentine’s can still be that friend-fest we all indulged in as kids.  People get super wrapped up in whether they have a Significant Other on an arbitrary day, and I think it’s better to celebrate all of our relationships and bonds!

Over all I have gotten nothing but smiles and positive reactions – along with silly games and sticker trading that make me feel GREAT!

Hope you have a happy day, no matter what you celebrate today!



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