I’m a fan of Anne Bishop’s Novels of The Others series, a fictional modern-fantasy world where creatures known as The Others (which come in forms we would identify as werewolves, vampires, elementals, and other less-identifiable forces of the world) are the dominant power most of the world over.  So far the story has followed a fascinating group of Others and humans in the city known as Lakeside on the Other-controlled continent of Thaisia.  March is the next chapter in this story, and I’m looking forward to it.

But even more exciting is the fact that sometimes in 2018 we start to explore other corners of Thaisia, with new characters.  Anne Bishop has always been a master at filling in the empty places in her world, so I have high hopes for where this new tale will take us.

I’ve always found that Bishop takes our common conventions of Fantasy novels and twists them in interesting ways, without going full Pratchett- parody.  It’s not humor, but it makes the common tropes get re-thought well. Her characters are deep and realistic, with diverse interests, failings, conflicts, and drives (including sex drives), whether they be male, female, or other.  This was true of the Black Jewels novels, and remains so in the Novels of the Others.

So if you are interested in that kind of world, I recommend getting caught up (starting with Written in Red) before 2018 brings us a new arc in this great world.

Source: http://happyeverafter.usatoday.com/2016/10/18/anne-bishop-new-the-others-story-2018/

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