Go crazy?  Don’t mind if I do!  Actually, I’m finding myself slightly grumpy, less than crazy.

It could be the gloomy weather, a lot of irons in the fire at work, aches caused by the weather, but today I feel like it’s my lack of tabletop RPG time because the more I think about gaming the more out of sorts I get.  In October I missed games due to travel.  In November, Ren Faire commitments. December was a little out of whack because our Game Master (GM) started a new job, so there were minimal games, and then only one session in January.  I was already feeling like every other week wasn’t often enough – not when I used to be in three games regularly and now I’m down to one.

That’s life, it gets in the way and all, but it still leaves me feeling adrift.  I’m now constantly scheming up new characters, playing with game concepts in my head.  Little bits of RP (like the Red Dragon Inn board game I went off about yesterday) I cling to.  I’ve thrown myself into watching Critical Role (http://geekandsundry.com/shows/critical-role/) with an insane fervor, hoping it will curb my craving.

No such luck.  Still hungry for gaming time of my own.  (And a small desire to join their game, because they’re all awesome and Matt is a great GM)

I crave the outlet of Tabletop RPGs!


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