Or maybe when LARPers play board games?

This weekend I got to sit down with the game Red Dragon Inn (http://slugfestgames.com/games/rdi/) – it was a board game centered around the idea of a bunch of adventurers and their post-adventure drinking binge… so it’s a little bit of an RPG based on the themed card names and different character skills.

But then we took it to a nearly absurd level of Live Action Role Play (LARP) – except for the drinking (we all had to drive shortly afterwards, so getting smashed was not in the cards for our players, only our characters).  I was a snarky Pixie enchantress with a Wolf companion, alternately adorable and tricky!

The LARPing really started with Gog the Half Ogre, who began speaking in a very Half-Ogre-ish voice and speech patterns.  Then Bryn the Boatswain garnered a beautiful brogue – and a flirty attitude that was fun to bounce off of.  So I found my voice reaching into an chirpy register and picking up flittery mannerisms!  Slowly around the table we all fell deeper and deeper into character and it was…


Sure, we always get a little bit into extra spirits when we game, be it board, card, tabletop RPG, or video game… but this was a special magical session, with all of us slipping right into character and taking some great shots at each other.

Bryn the buxom Boatswain was the first to lose, so in-game she was passed out – thus I declared my pretty pixie was using her cleavage as a royal throne to issue decrees from! (So it kept the knocked out player interacting with us and still having fun)

Gog got needled by Wrench, a kobold artificer.  Somehow Gog interpreted that as the gizmo shooting needles as laughing at him, which he couldn’t stand, and somehow in all the madness ended up hugging Chronos the Time Lord (with bone breaking results) instead?  “Gog easily confused.”

Fiona the Volatile was plied with many, many drinks – it was just so fun to pass her all the drink cards!

Just as we’re down to the final three, me (Kaylin the Renegade), Wrench, and Chronos… and I’m nearly out, I decide I need to exercise my right to “Private Pixie Time” and flounce off in a tantrum, leaving poor Wrench to Chronos’s tender time traveling mercy. But eventually I peeked back out into the bar to also face the birthday-boy-turned-Time-Lord’s wrath, leaving him to snatch the game from my grip.  Well, it was his birthday game day after all, I suppose I can let him have the win… this time!

The characters were pre-made, so getting into the game was fast and fun, but because of the crew we had they also came to life in a delightful way.  It didn’t involve a long rule-learning that your average RPG entails, but it had so much more depth than your average board game, even while using cards and tokens to track us.

As with any RPG, you have to have a good group to make it that fun, but it was a great game for groups full of personality.  I’m hoping to pick up my own copy so I can bring it in to the office and get a round going!


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