So I’m sure if you have any form of social media or pay any attention to the news, you have heard the term “Alternative Facts” from Kellyanne Conway (one of the President’s advisers and mouthpieces to the public) in defense of statements made by the Press Secretary that were… let’s say less than forthright, if not outright false.

Apparently, when the unvarnished truth isn’t the shade you need it to be, you can always use Alternate Facts!  Don’t get me wrong, politicians lie, flip flop, and recolor truth all the time, but for that to be the first thing you send your Press Secretary out to say, in a case where it’s easy to verify the falsehood, with the only apparent benefit being ego-soothing to the President… that’s not a good way to start out your Presidential relationship with the people in my eyes.

My theory for the next Alternative Fact:

Duff Goldman is now a verified time traveler, who ruthlessly stole the inauguration cake idea and took it back to 2013.  Cad.

(Side note, awesome that the bakery that had to make the replica cake not only came out with the details of what they were asked to do, but that they donated the fee to the Human Rights Campaign: )

C’mon Kellyanne, don’t let me down!


Edit:  Interesting tidbit about this came to my attention.  The Alternative Facts assertion was made exactly 40 years after one of the best observations made by the Doctor:

You know, the very powerful and the very stupid have one thing in common. They don’t alter their views to fit the facts. They alter the facts to fit the views.

Rather spot on, don’t you think?

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