Lemon cookies.

Didn’t really like them.  Not directly adverse, like I am with coconut or oatmeal raisin, but they were not something I generally chose to eat, even through my twenties.  So today, when presented with dessert options at work I could have had a sugar cookie, yummy, or a lemon cooler cookie.

Surprising, even to me, I chose the latter.  And it was really delicious, crisp citrus and a good level of creamy sweetness.  Soft cookie texture, just the way I like them.  Excellent!

Me of five years ago would have no idea that was possible.  She would have eaten it, had there been no other option and some social obligation in play, but generally would have skipped the cookies entirely if that was the only option.

Young me would have balked at the amount of avocado, rice, and moderately spicy foods I eat.  High school me would still not understand raw fish or beer and whiskey.  It’s so great to continue to expand my palate – even to include those lemon cookies today!

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