Actually, blech, I hate oysters.

But the world is a fantastic place to eat and explore!  As an example, I sit here drinking a “pokpok som” soda, which is a vinegar based soft drink.  Yes, make that face.  I did, too!

And when you’re done being disgusted, and ready to taste the world experience… I prefer the ginger one myself.  So… that might be because my only options so far have been ginger or grapefruit – and grapefruit is both disgusting and contraindicated with my medicines.  But still, ginger vinegar soda is strangely tart, sweet, tangy, and just downright delicious.  I want to make cocktails with it!  It’s bottled in Portland, Oregon with it’s roots in Thailand – a bit of the globe in a bottle.

Speaking of the world, later this week I leave for Chicago!  I have never been that far east (unless you count the Far East, where you fly west from California to get there) and I’m thrilled.  The food alone… I have heard legends of Chicago deep dish pizza and I long to taste the real thing, not to mention the host of dining experiences I hope to sample in my four days.  Architecture, exploration, and… did I mention food?

I honestly believe I could eat my way around the world and then want to do it again.  So much of a culture can be expressed in their dining, which leads me to look forward to the wonders the world has to put on a plate for me.  I’m a bit of a picky eater, and I still want to try new things.

But I still hate oysters.

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