So our Merch team here at work is launching a board game.

At first we were worried it wouldn’t do well, but when the board game community got their hands on it, they went wild.  Even people that have no interest in our video game were super excited about this board game.

It was polished, it was professional, it was fun.  We took the board gamers feedback to even make it MORE fun!  So we knew it was going to be popular.

The game is called “Mechs vs Minions”… but somehow I kept saying “Mechs vs Merch”.  I’ve been doing this for almost a month.  Today our store servers could not keep up with the release demand in the slightest, making my repeated slip into foreshadowing… it really was MvM vs Merch!


(I’m pretty sure the Merch team wouldn’t find this as funny as I do… I will make sure they have time to mock me later when they are less busy.)

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