I love costumes.  Most kids got to really go for it for Halloween (or not, if they got the store-bought plastic approximation of a costume) but that was it.

Because I did amateur modeling, I got costumes year round.  Some were absurd, like turning a giant cardboard box into a present costume for the holidays.  Some were Disney – I probably had just about every princess at some point in time, even Jasmine.  Except Sleeping Beauty, although Aurora was my favorite I can’t remember having her dress.  Classy, silly, involved, simple, all over the place.  Cowboys, sequined gowns, animals of all stripes.  Theater kept that going as I grew up.

This has not left me as an adult.  My friends throw themed parties.  My 30th was “Punk” themed, for whatever punk meant to you – Steampunk, punk rock, you punks get off my lawn?  And Halloween – oh, some years it’s PJs and a silly hat (made for a great skunk outfit), or the year I wore a ridiculous in-joke at work that I couldn’t explain to anyone who didn’t work for my company, to getting Game Master robes made for World of Warcraft GMs.  I love it.  Dress me up and let’s be silly!

Last year I had all the pieces for a good Carmen Sandiego costume – just to find out I was going to the Philippines for work.  Internet said they didn’t really celebrate Halloween (not true, at least not where I was) and a trench coat, long sleeves, gloves, slacks, fedora, etc – not ideal for the weather I was going to encounter.  So now I still have all those pieces, but because the trench coat is getting worn as, well, a coat shortly before Halloween I don’t want to rely on it for the costume.  So an excuse for a new costume!  And I have a GREAT idea…

BUT WAIT!  Halloween is on a Monday, and I have a psychiatrist appointment that morning – my shrink is going to be okay with me showing up in a costume, of course, but that crunches my morning timeline a bit.  Okay, annually my gamer group throws a Halloween bash the Saturday before Halloween – but so far no invites are out and if it is the 29th, that’s also the World Finals for League of Legends, and I have a possible out-of-town guest coming for that event (no confirmation if he can make it yet – see my issues with Planning).  If my guest can’t make it, maybe I’ll rehome my tickets, but I really am not sure.  Okay, there’s still Friday the 28th where I know there’s at least one Halloween party to which I’m invited… but there’s also a “save the date” hold on that date that may come with a faery theme… my costume has nothing to do with fairy/faery anything.  No details on time or anything, so planning brain is spinning wanting to know what and when!

Sunday – no plans, but very rarely is there a gathering (other than my tabletop game) on a Sunday.  So I could dress up and have no where to go?  Argh!

I’m still going to put together the basics of the costume for work on Monday, at the least.  But it limits how much effort and expense I want to go to, or even should.  Just the not knowing, when I want to be working on the costume, is what makes me a bit frustrated.  But still, even if I do the lazy work version, I still think it’s going to be absolute fun, and I will be sure to try to get some good pictures.  Yes, I realize I haven’t said what the costume is… isn’t the surprise part of the fun?

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