So I know some lovely people who are at this thing, in the desert, you might have heard of it – Burning Man.

Because my people are wildly creative sorts, I am flattered to be associated with the minds behind the Last Apothecary ( who made a space outpost in the Deep Playa.  Last night they had Space Storytime at The Last Apothecary, and those of us who are not out in the dust were invited to participate by sending something to be read at the event.

I am not a poet, but inspired by the poetry of the Vogons – this is a ‘Hitchiker’s Guide to the Galaxy’ reference – I decided to write TERRIBLE poetry.  It didn’t come out quite as awful as expected, but it’s still pretty cheesy, which is what I was going for.  So now that it’s been read out there (or not, but the event was last night), I’m going to subject you to it, too!

There’s a rather free-form little bit of nonsense, a limerick that may already exist and I just thought I conjured up, and a poem with the rhyme scheme of an English sonnet, but none of the meter or sophistication of The Bard.

Terra Farewell
I took the second star to the right,
I went straight until morning
The universe swallowed me up.

The sky has a thirst unquenchable,
It will drink from you all you have
And then take one last sup.

The Dipper promised me much,
And in the end that vow was broken
I am left with an empty cup.

A Terrible Space Limerick
I met a fine man down from Mars
He hung out in all the best bars
But when he would drink
You can’t imagine the stink
They’d smell it out into the stars

The Spaceman’s Grave
A meteor flashed against the sky
Sweet final song of a dying world
I never thought to wonder why
A last toll should be procured
From those who boldly ventured out
With no thought of harm to self
Never a concern or doubt
When leaping off that final shelf
Into the mysteries that lay far flung
Masked in blackness of the night
To be snuffed out at a time so young
And then to be but this scar of light
The end marked only by this brief wave
And into finally the spaceman’s grave

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