Shining, shimmering, splendid.

I’ve actually traveled very little, and mostly for work.  So I have a very long list of places I really want to go see.

  1. The Aurora Borealis – this could be any number of places, the easiest would be Alaska.  I’d love to do a cruise, but cruises don’t run during the months this phenomenon is at it’s peak.  On the other end of the spectrum is in Finland.  Glass igloos from which to lay snuggled in a warm bed looking up at the beautiful light show!
  2. Italy – Especially Southern Italy, where my husband’s family is from, full of history personal and global, I do love history.  And the food, oh how I want to eat my way across Italy!
  3. Ireland – This is the land of my ancestry, and a beautiful country from everything I have heard.
  4. Japan – I was Japan-crazed in high school and for some years after.  It still lingers, I found it hard to learn Korean because it kept colliding with the years I spent in Japanese language classes.  And they’re having the Rugby World Cup in 2019!
  5. New York, New York – This one is, again, for the food.  Sure there’s culture and stuff I guess, but mainly I want to EAT in New York.
  6. Australia and/or New Zealand – Yes, these places have very different appeals.  I think New Zealand ranks slightly higher (because Hobbits, and Fairy Penguins, and All Blacks), but Australia has an office from my company so ranks slightly more likely to happen.
  7. England – Home of The Doctor (Doctor Who?), the sun never sets on the British Empire (except that maybe it will in coming years, given the road they’re headed down), so many historical things to see and experience.
  8. Germany – So much history, and better food than Britain is known for.  I’ve heard great things about the people in Berlin, and I’d love to visit the site of the wall.
  9. Brazil – I’ve had wonderful offers of hosts in São Paulo – this would be a party trip.  Lots of drinking and eating and staying up until all hours.
  10. Hawaii – Yes, I’ve been to Maui, but there’s a lot more there.  And I never left the resort really, last trip.
  11. DisneyWorld – My husband has zero interest in this one, but I love Disney and think a trip to DisneyWorld would be fun!

And that’s just off the top of my head!

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