So one of the strangest things about smartphones seems to be the unpredictability of their battery life.  Sometimes my phone, fully charged, will champion through the day no sweat.  Granted, these are usually Pokemon light days, but not always.  Others, total power melt down and squeaking about battery low by lunch.

My first few smartphones were not like this – I knew how much battery I had for the day and when I would need to charge it.  But the Galaxy S3 and now my Galaxy S5 (more so the S3 than the S5, admittedly) have been harder to judge.  Thankfully I have a trusty back up battery pack.  Not so coincidentally, it was with the rise of availability in extra battery charged cases or supplementary pocket sized battery packs that the phones felt less beholden to predictability, it seems to me.

Alright, so I’m paranoid.

But really… what if…

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