Recently I was in a car accident, and a major one at that.

Pushed by CHP

That’s the CHP pushing my vehicle off the freeway, because it was facing the wrong way and could not move under it’s own power.

Many things were lost or destroyed in this.  But my phone (which had been plugged in and was sitting in between my front seats but not in use in any way) was battered about however not damaged in the least – despite a dramatic fling of old caramel and creamy coffee drink that I had meant to throw away.  Smart phones are not known for their impact ratings, even with the improved glass we’ve seen added to them over the years.  They are certainly not known to be impervious to sugary coffee leftovers.

It’s possible my phone would have been fine, the world may never know, but given the way I was tossed around and bruised, I was pleasantly surprised to find it hale and hearty (after a quick wipe down, of course).  I attribute that to the Otterbox Defender case I picked up when my phone was brand new.  The case has already taken it’s share of falls and flops, sits comfortably on my hip in it’s holster, since we all know women’s pants never have proper pockets, and generally has been good to me up until now.  This takes that good to great, it may well have been the salvation of my phone, which I really needed at point in time to start the artful collaboration of putting my car to rest and getting through the chaos of the next few days.  Somewhere in there I lost the holster attached to my hip, but that’s a small price to pay for the safety I received.

I like companies to know when they do things right.  Normally you only hear from customers when things are wrong, and having worked customer service for so long I understand how it can change things just to hear the occasional kudos.  So later I went to Otterbox’s website to use their contact form and wrote them a short note explaining what had happened and giving them the credit I felt they were due.  Just my thanks, and a pat on the back for a product that did exactly what it was supposed to.

Yesterday I got a reply from their customer service team member, Maria.  She thanked me for my note, and then, because she appreciate my message but believes the case may have unseen damage, dug up my old original order from two years ago and sent me a replacement, free of charge!  Not because the product was defective, but because it had done it’s job exactly at it was supposed to!

Otterbox has a sturdy, reliable, quality product, no question.  But I think their willingness to stand behind their product and their quality service team really make them shine as a company.  I will never buy another case, I’m not Otterbox all the way.

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