Earlier this week I was in a major car accident – my vehicle is a total loss and had to be pushed off the freeway by the CHP.  I was hit so hard from behind I was pushed into the car in front of me.  The person who hit me took off – hit and run.

So all the police have to go on is my brief glance in my rear view mirror, which tells me it was big, a truck or SUV, and it was probably black but maybe another dark color.  Not helpful at all.  No witnesses stopped to provide any info, and neither myself nor the car I hit were able to provide any details.  In my defense, because my car was spun around, I was facing backwards on the freeway with all my airbags deployed, I wasn’t seeing much of anything.

While no witnesses stopped, one man that did not see the accident pulled his car into the lane I was blocking, then carefully got out and came to my car, where I was sitting slightly dazed and trying to figure out what to do, to make sure I was okay.  He then proceeded to wait with me after I was able to get out of the car, to make sure I wasn’t stranded and alone in the middle of the freeway, until the CHP came.  I only got his first name, Andrew.  Now I deeply wish I had gotten more information from him, because that was the ultimate kindness that he offered me as I sat, scared and shaken, on the freeway – just the presence of a calm and kind human hand.  All he got for his risk was my thanks and a handshake.  I have to trust that the universe will find a way to reward him, because I don’t have any way to do so.

I have to believe that the hit and run driver, who didn’t stop to make sure any of us were okay, will get what they have earned in a way that hopefully doesn’t splash on to anyone else.  For Andrew, though, I can only wish the best for his gesture, so I choose to believe that the universe will make sure he, too, gets the reward he earned with that effort.

Thank you, Andrew.  Even though you will never see this, I have to put it out there.


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