Tiny Tina’s GFuel review, in which my coworkers teach me to use my collector’s edition energy drink powder.

I snagged the one with the cup (https://gfuel.com/products/tiny-tinas-high-rollin-sparkly-boom-magic-collectors-box) which is sold out again, but the powder is still available in it’s Booming, Sparkly, Cherry-Vanilla gloriousness: https://gfuel.com/products/tiny-tinas-high-rollin-sparkly-boom-magic

First sip had a faint touch of smooth-powdery (not gritty) texture to it. I thought I shook it well enough, but it reminds me more of a milkshake in mouth-feel, though certainly not in density. That seemed to fade progressively with subsequent sips, I may need to experiment with my shake-time/aggressiveness or accept that as part of the experience. Generally cherry-flavored items are either way into the tart natural or heavy handed on the candy-sweet, and cherry-vanilla always leaves vanilla as an afternote. Not so here. Reminds me of luxardo cherries in a cocktail (the better quality maraschinos), though not as strong, with a comfortable vanilla pairing – neither outshines each other.

While I enjoy the hell out of its flavor, I also have a bad habit of forgetting my drink for minutes or hours at a time, at which point you get the settling problem. I’m glad the cup is not that big or I would be in a permanent cycle for forget, shake, sip, forget.

I’m still seeing if the energy aspect works… I have my daily coffee next to me in case it looks like we’re falling short, but so far so good!

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