So a new tabletop RPG campaign just kicked off for me, taking the Carrion Crown Adventure Path and our GM has reskinned it to Ravenloft. I am SO excited!

My character is Coppelia Francine Drosselmeyer, a seemingly-human Witch from Paridan, a near-Victorian area of Ravenloft. What the other PCs don’t know is that she is secretly an android with amnesia – just trying to make her way in the world without being caught out as “other” in a xenophobic world setting, aided by her rat familiar Swanhilda.

I have decided that because her mentor, Doctor Van Richten, left us a journal with important clues, she too will document the events of the game in her very own journal… and so I want to share that here!

This game meets every other week. While I may not be the session chronicler every session, I will try to write something each time just for my own practice, and post to this blog.

This game has me very excited – in the past I’ve been part of two Ravenloft games, both of which fell apart after a single session, and I barely remember anything of them. The idea of having a full campaign to write about has me looking forward to it!

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