In September I’m going to Disney’s Halloween even at DCA! Better, I’m going with an amazing group who does stunning costumes every year. This year the theme is a mash up of Star Wars and Disney characters.

In my case, I am grinning at the chance to be a Cheshire Jedi (what with already owning a purple lightsaber!)

So now it comes to execution, since normally I rely on my mother’s sewing skills for a project like this, but it may be a good chance to try to learn some of my own. The basic outfit for a generic Jedi is generally an under-tunic or dickey, an over-tunic, a tabard and obi over that, leggings or pants into boots. Yes, I did my homework visiting the Rebel Legion’s guide to a generic Jedi. Seems like some basic sewing could accomplish this look, and if I alternate pink and purple in the layers, I created the striped look of the Cheshire Cat!

Easy, right? Not when you master second-guessing like I do!

To start with, I’ve wondered if I can cheat a bit, since my sewing isn’t top notch (or at all, really) – which means Amazon and other resources. Especially as one of my favorite dress resources, ElHoffer design, has a wrap dress that might be a great tunic! It’s raspberry in color, so I’m not 100% sure it’s the right tone, and is currently a preorder. Do I invest so much in a maybe? Will it even work for my idea?

Then I wanted to add a wig, to keep the purple/pink theme going! (And maybe ears, arm warmers, leg warmers… oh it goes on!) So on Amazon I finally narrowed it down to two – this or this… with a strong preference for the latter. So strong it was almost an order, until I remembered Epic Cosplay Wigs, a resource for better quality wigs with cool colors, though these are all single color so I’d have to decide pink or purple… unless I used their clip on ponytails or buns to have the second color. And so many styles! Curses, options again!

So how much do I work from scratch? What do I buy, if I’m buying? And when do I find time to work on this?!

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