This year, in order to prioritize some other events, I couldn’t do the full weekend of WonderCon. But thanks to my dear spouse, it was agreed that one day would not break the bank (ha – he forgets the lures of the dealer’s hall!) and I could take Friday off work to cruise the con.

The Sunday before the event I decided I wanted to cosplay… something. So a quick brainstorm and I went from no costume to a femme Jack Harkness (of Doctor Who fame). Quick Target run, followed by a stop at Hollywood Suits for suspenders (the coat borrowed from the previously mentioned stellar spouse). Voila, the most dashing Time Agent that Torchwood has ever seen. Okay, I had to wait for the boots to arrive from Amazon, but it was almost a one day cosplay!

You can call me the Face of Boe…

With the time off request in, the costume assembled, and the paperwork to get my pass in hand, I was off!

As always I got there way too early on a Friday, so I decided the air conditioning in the lines was not strong enough for the coat, and outside I was getting occasional breezes, so I spent a couple hours admiring the cosplay displays! It’s one of my favorite parts of any convention. My fears that nobody would recognize good old Captain Jack were – as always – unfounded. Especially with the coat on, which meant it was staying on for the day. Toasty!

The dealer’s hall opened earlier than I expected, so before noon I was cruising the temptation chamber. An urgent text message home kept me from spending over $200 on exclusive and awesome (but too expensive) dice. I promised myself no spending until I’d walked the full hall… and I almost made it. Alas, +3 to Charisma had some outstanding dice boxes, one of which had a sparkly interior and was their last in stock… I couldn’t help it.

Then the floodgates were, okay, not entirely open but at least the funds were flowing a bit. I did splurge on a dress from Hero Within – it’s supposed to be Wonder Woman but read Captain Marvel to me! My only other really big spend was a print from Echo Chernik – she and I had some great conversations and I couldn’t resist her stunning piece called ‘The Choker‘ depicting one powerful princess in a desert slave situation… in a special limited edition that I still have yet to figure out where I am hanging it!

I set myself the challenge of collecting pictures of my Captain Harkness with as many Doctors as I could find – not just of the Who variety of course! So while I don’t have links and can’t share most of them, I have a wealth of Doctors – including Strange, Quinzel, Hammond, Jones, and so many more!

But at the end of the day, I found one of my favorite Doctors of the day… Damsel Cosplay AKA my friend Lacey as the 13th Doctor!

Anything Doc can do, Jack (or Jaqueline as the case may be) can do better, right?

I didn’t hit any panels, but it was a great day of Con Solo, meeting wonderful new people, taking pictures of cosplay I loved, having a silly and WonderConful time among my kind of people!

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