Yesterday was International Women’s Day – so I went to work and saw some great talks from the women of my company, got a lot done in the office in prep for a desk move and work travel next week. Adding to it was the fact that my period started, so I wasn’t feeling top-notch all day. Traffic was terrible getting home, and I was exhausted by the time I got off the road.

But the greatest thing greeted me when I walked in the door. My spouse, my male spouse, was wearing a frilly apron in the kitchen, holding out a martini, and asked me “How was your day, honey?” in his best 1950’s housewife tone.

I cracked up. Just what I needed in that moment, after that day. I went upstairs to change into comfy clothes and unintentionally redoubled the stereotype by grabbing a white tank top to go with my pajama pants.

So after martinis was french onion soup, steam asparagus with hollandaise, and medium rare steak. And red wine, of course, we are civilized after all! But a very classic meat-and-potatoes well made dinner (minus the potatoes because of me being diabetic) to celebrate the day.

It was a fantastic moment to celebrate how standard we can be in our non-standard roles.

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