Things get busy, and you miss a post or two.

You had one in mind, but you were waiting for some pictures that took overly long, you planned to write about big events like your cruise but it got away from you, and sometimes ideas or words just wouldn’t come. But after a while, you realize how long it’s been.

With that, you suddenly have to explain, but there’s no good explanation for the silence. Moreover, what you do finally post has to be worthy of that silence, but nothing you’ve written lately is. And once you start again, you can’t go back to the silence.

So you wait a bit longer, and the black hole grows, the shadow gets longer and darker, which means the explanation has to be still better, the post has to be that much stronger, and the commitment to avoiding future gaps will be more robust. And it just can’t.

So here we are.

Yes, friends, it’s been a quiet time, but I have nothing to explain, I have no fantastic writings to stand up for the quiet, and no promises that it won’t happen again. That’s life.

Welcome back.

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